Warranties & Returns

Returns & Exchanges

Please Note: Payments for Fast Frontier LLC and Cricket Wireless services are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Device Returns & Exchanges

1. Devices purchased at a Cricket store: Cricket provides a 7-day return policy – beginning on the date of purchase – in which you may return or exchange a qualifying new or reconditioned wireless device purchased at one of our Cricket Stores.

2. Devices purchased online at www.cricketwireless.com: Cricket provides a 7-day return policy – beginning on the date the device is received – in which you may return a qualifying wireless device. Devices purchased online must meet the return/exchange requirements to be accepted. Devices that do not meet the return/exchange requirements will be returned to the customer.

3. Certain devices may include return requirements that are different from this Return Policy. Any differences in return policies will be explained at the point of purchase.

How to Return or Exchange a Cricket Device?

1. If you purchased the device online, call or chat with a Cricket Support Advocate initiate the return/exchange process.

2. If you purchased the device at a Cricket Store, please go back to that same store to return or exchange your device.

Device Return Fees

1. A fee of up to $25 may be applied (except where prohibited) when a device purchased at a Cricket Store is returned without all of the original components. For example, if the device is missing the battery, battery door, charging transformer, or charging cable, the store will apply this fee.

2. There is no fee for returning compliant devices purchased online at www.cricketwireless.com.


1. Refunds will be issued within 10 business days of receipt of complaint returns (most are processed within 3-4 business days). Non-compliant returns will be returned to customers with an explanation of the reason for rejection. No refund will be issued for rejected returns.


About Returns and Exchanges

1. Devices purchased from a Cricket Store may only be returned or exchanged at the same store where purchased.

2. Devices purchased online must be returned by mail and cannot be returned at store locations.

3. The returned device must be in like-new condition with its original contents and packaging to be eligible for a refund of the purchase price or exchange for another device. The return must include the original components, including the device, battery, charger, accessories, documents, unopened software, and a valid proof-of-purchase.

4. To protect your privacy, you must remove any confidential, proprietary, or personal information before returning your device. By returning your device, you acknowledge that you have erased your contacts, calendar, photos, messages, call history, email, text messages, videos, web browsing history, and any other personal, confidential, or sensitive stored information on your device. Cricket is not responsible for any returned or exchanged device containing such information. Before returning or exchanging any device, please transfer or back up all data (including pictures and personal contact information) to another file source. The data contained in the returned device memory cannot be recovered after it is returned or exchanged.
-If you are returning an iPhone, you must also disable Find My iPhone in the iCloud settings on your device.

Return and Exchanges Exclusions

1. Refunds will not be provided and exchanges will not be accepted if the device:
-was returned more than seven days from the date of purchase (or from the date received for online purchases);

-is not returned in like-new condition (e.g., it is returned with opened software, liquid or physical damage, excessive wear and tear, or cosmetic defects);

-is not returned with its original contents and packaging, including the device, battery, charger, accessories, documents, unopened software, and a valid proof-of-purchase.

2. The following purchases are excluded and cannot be returned or exchanged under our Return Policy:
-Devices received through an insurance claim;
-Non-Cricket branded or authorized devices;
-Closeout items.

3. Any rebate associated with the device that is subsequently returned will be voided.

4. Any promotional gift associated with the device that is subsequently returned must also be returned and forfeited.