$100 off select iPhones + $50 Gift card

$100 off select iPhones + $50 Gift card

Limited time offer – when you switch

Only at address below:

Cricket Wireless in Perry

1920 S Jefferson St Ste D

Perry, FL 32348

    Limited time only!

    *New accounts only. Must port-in new line on $60/mo. Voice plan. First mo. SVC charge & tax due at sale. New/transferred number pricing only avail. every 90 days. Terms & restr’s subject to change.

    Ends 7/23/2020. $100 off the iPhones 6s,6s+,7,7+, for switchers only, **requires ID validation, new BAN. 2 max per customers w/ $60 UNL plan. *4 lines for $100/mo.: $55/mo. Cricket Core required on four lines. $30 discount on second line, $45 discount each on third & fourth lines, all on same account. Not elig. Phone price may vary. For Auto Pay credit or Group Save discount. For existing customers who change plans, discount may not start until next billing cycle. Cricket Core Data Restrictions: For content we can identify as video, streaming speed limited to max of 1.5 Mbps (Standard Definition quality, about 480p). For all data usage, Cricket may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy. Details on network management policies at cricketwireless.com/mobilebroadband. Data usage and tethering that violates contract terms may be slowed or terminated. New line required for each phone. Excludes upgrades and AT&T ports. Activation fee (up to $25/line in-store) & add’l one-time fees ($4 Customer Assistance Fees) may apply. Price w/use of Mfg/Dist coupon automatically applied at checkout. By accepting Mfg/Dist coupon, customer agrees to pay all transactional tax due on item sold, including value of coupon where applicable. Transfer Number (Switch/Port), Upgrade or New Line pricing is available to customer once every 90 days. May not be combinable with certain offers, discounts, or credits. Phone may be restricted to Cricket svc during first 6 months after activation. By activating/using svc, you agree to Cricket Terms of Service (cricketwireless.com/terms). Svc good for 30 days and is subject to Cricket network management policies, see cricketwireless.com/mobilebroadband for details. Return Fee: $25; see cricketwireless.com/fees for details. Pricing, terms, & other restr’s subject to change and may be modified or terminated at any time without notice. Coverage & svc not avail. everywhere. See cricketwireless.com for details. © 2020 Cricket Wireless LLC. All rights reserved.